Research & Activity Elsewhere

The I-Share project tries to engage with the research and activities done in the past and in the present elsewhere on the theme of shared sacred spaces.  Two examples include:


The Exhibition Shared Sacred Sites

The Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilizations (MuCEM) in Marseilles, France first launched the Exhibition in 2015, which is the fruit of several years of scientific research conducted by CNRS and Aix-Marseille University.  The exhibition takes a fresh look at the religious behaviour of Mediterranean populations and highlights some of the most interesting (and most overlooked) phenomena in the region, namely the sharing and exchange between religious communities.  After Marseille, the exhibition travelled to show in other cities like Tunis, Marrakesh, Paris, Thessaloniki and New York.


Shared Sacred Sites project

It is a collaborative project that seeks to develop a rubric for the description, classification, analysis, and publication of work relating to spaces and locations used by multiple, disparate communities for religious purposes. The project is composed of several sub-projects that individually address different and particular difficulties in the study of shared sacred sites and that combine to form an important, updated, and modern survey of the unique features, mechanisms, and adaptations of coexistence found in the communities involved with shared sacred sites.

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