Various locations, Nepal, 2005-2016

1. A cult to a forest spirit (ritual to Bhureni, Bung, Nepal, 2008)

2. A ‘shaman’ jhankri (Kulung shaman, Nepal, 2016)

3. A temple to the goddess of knowledge (Sarasvatī) in the Bung public school for Hindu, Buddhist and Kirantist students

4. Disease with others: throwing bad influences in neighborhood valleys (Sansari ritual, Kowlam, Nepal, 2016)

5. Way to get merit: Buddhist stupa built by non Buddhist Kulung Rai (Kiraonle, Nepal, 2005)

6. A gospel in a church (Bung, Nepal, 2016).

7. The devotion to a self-manifested power (Salpa lake, Nepal, 2008)

8. The pilgrimage to an Holy place (Halesi, Nepal, 2017)

9. Protective power, whoever it is (Halesi, Nepal, 2017)

Credits: Dr. Grégoire Schlemmer

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