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Medine Sugar Estate

Medine sugar estate, Mauritius, 2017, credits: Dr Mathieu Claveyrolas

SITE – Basic information

Country: Mauritius
City: Medine
Languages used for ceremonies and prayers: Mauritian Creole, Sanskrit, Tamil

SITE – Overview of the site

The Medine sugar-estate temple is located in the heart of Medine sugar-estate (South-West of Mauritius), one of the last four sugar factories after the last decades’ centralization in Mauritius. It is, first, a kovil (Tamil temple) – but is is visited by devotess from all communities (Bhojpuris, Tamils and Creoles alike), and claims to follow a global Hindu-trantric tradition. Founded on a piece of land yielded by the sugar-estate, it seems to have become over the years independent from its administrative and (financial ?) control. The temple is renowned for being one of the last places to stage institutionnalized animal sacrifices, and for its therapeutic sessions – both pragmatic-oriented ceremonies gathering devotees across traditional community and religious lines.

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SITE – Bibliography pertaining to the site

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Fiedwork conducted by Dr. Mathieu Claveyrolas