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The Queen-Victoria ritual complex

Queen Victoria ritual complex, Mauritius, 2017, credits: Dr Mathieu Claveyrolas

SITE – Basic information

Country: Mauritius
City: Queen-Victoria
Languages used for ceremonies and prayers: Mauritian Creole, Sanskrit, Tamil

SITE – Overview of the site

The Queen-Victoria ritual complex, located in the middle of canefields on the lands of the FUEL sugar-estate (East of Mauritius), gathering in a small unified space a Tamil temple, a Bhojpuri temple, Christian and Muslim ritual places and a therapist waiting and consulting room – all being frequented by each visitor whatever his actual main affiliation. According to a first observation, visitors (mainly women and couples from all generations) come from all ethnic and social backgrounds.

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SITE – Bibliography pertaining to the site

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Fiedwork conducted by Dr. Mathieu Claveyrolas